Concept development

Tatu Oksala

Tatu on innokas ja luova junior web developer.
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Are you considering the virtualization of your product or process?

Are you wondering whether your product can be virtualized?

Which benefits and what kind of added value will virtualization or gamification generate for your product?

Can we utilize our design materials for virtual presentation techniques?

What is the difference between virtual applications or sales configurators designed for different master devices?

Can virtual materials/applications be utilized on websites?

These and many other questions will be answered during concept development. A well implemented concept development guarantees a functional and customer-oriented end result.

Product comprehension / Conceptualizing a virtualization project:

  • Determining needs together with the customer (identifying a need for improvement)
  • Benchmarking (what are others doing)
  • Utilizable technologies and end devices (identifying a target audience and the way and circumstances in which to approach them digitally)
  • Utilizability of existing materials (design materials 2D or 3D, how existing materials can be further developed by means of gamification and virtualization)
  • GUI (user interface plan on the basis of surveying)
  • Handing over the plan and report and making an implementation offer if necessary

Visit Premode’s Youtube-channel or contact us directly to learn more about the subject. Together we can figure out the best way for us to help you.



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