Interactive 3D sales configurators

Tatu Oksala

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The 3D sales configurators produced by Premode are always designed and implemented specifically for the end user. Premode’s 3D sales configurators are especially intended for interactive product presentations in the manufacturing and process industries, to be used on websites or mobile devices.

For B to B marketing and field sales we recommend mobile devices or PC applications due to their offline presentation capabilities.

For B to C marketing we recommend configurators that work both online and on mobile devices.

3D sales configurators enable:

  • The client’s (end user’s) own designs and product commitment
  • A complete picture and rapid comprehension of the goods or product
  • Easier sales, as the buyer can plan and investigate their desired product or process independently, immediately and from the comfort of their own home if they prefer
  • A first-person product experience
  • Automatic application orders (integrations to production management)
  • Quick planning and order submissions
  • Interactive and comprehensible process descriptions

Visit Premode’s Youtube-channel or contact us directly to learn more about the subject. Together we can figure out the best way for us to help you.



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