IoT services

Tatu Oksala

Tatu on innokas ja luova junior web developer.
Uusin sivumme on hänen kädenjälkeä.

In short, IoT is about the ability of devices to sense their environment via sensors and to communicate the data they gather to terminals over the net. This kind of data is usually used for the automatization of a certain process stage or for informing operators.

At Premode, we have a slightly different perspective.

IoT is about much more than just process optimization or guiding operators to the next procedure. The data collected from a process or a single device can be used for new business opportunities, for example by means of mobile applications.

We at Premode see IoT purely from the perspective of data visualization. We firmly believe that with digitalization all companies will also become “software companies”, sooner or later.
The data generated by machines can for example be brought to mobile devices by means of augmented reality.

By utilizing IoT, data visualizations, mobile devices and augmented reality:

  • Instructions for maintenance personnel can be received by mobile devices in real time over the net
  • Specific maintenance or assembly instructions can be received in 3D, utilizing augmented reality and virtuality
  • Processes can be monitored in real time

Visit Premode’s Youtube-channel or contact us directly to learn more about the subject. Together we can figure out the best way for us to help you.



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