2D Product Configurators

Tatu Oksala

Tatu on innokas ja luova junior web developer.
Uusin sivumme on hänen kädenjälkeä.

Premode is a vocal proponent of virtuality. However, there are several cases and uses where it is much smarter to carry out an interactive product presentation by means of stable views without virtuality. 2D product configurators are especially designed for customer-oriented responsive websites.

2D product configurators are particularly well suited for:

  • Product presentations requiring special photographic resolutions (the production technology for 2D product configurators is different from virtual production)
  • Products or location presentations which need to be updated frequently
  • Products which are connected to online shops

2D product configurators are implemented as:

  • Based on HTML5, which enables broad integrations into existing systems Interactivity and product variations are implemented by different layers in website views
  • This enables views that are quick to load and a broad range of products
  • It is particularly suitable for presentations of different surface finishes in various rooms, for example bathrooms, kitchens, saunas or living rooms
  • It is also suitable for presentations of machinery modifications and as a foundation for offer calculations due to its high-resolution visuality

Visit Premode’s Youtube-channel or contact us directly to learn more about the subject. Together we can figure out the best way for us to help you.



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